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Laurea in Farmacia con lode, PhD in Scienza delle sostanze bioattive.

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Inguinal hernias, in turn, belong to groin hernias , which also includes femoral hernias. A femoral hernia is not via the inguinal canal, but via the femoral canal , which normally allows passage of the common femoral artery and vein from the pelvis to the leg.

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Different types of inguinal hernias.

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Un&rsquo ernia strangolata è una condizione grave e richiede attenzione medica immediata.

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There is currently no medical recommendation about how to manage an inguinal hernia condition in adults, due to the fact that, until recently, 96 79 98 96 75 98 elective surgery used to be recommended. The hernia truss is intended to contain a reducible inguinal hernia within the abdomen. It is not considered to provide a cure, and if the pads are hard and intrude into the hernia aperture they may cause scarring and enlargement of the aperture. In addition, most trusses with older designs are not able effectively to contain the hernia at all times, because their pads do not remain permanently in contact with the hernia. The more modern variety of truss is made with non-intrusive flat pads and comes with a guarantee to hold the hernia securely during all activities. Although there is as yet no proof that such devices can prevent an inguinal hernia from progressing, they have been described by users as providing greater confidence and comfort when carrying out physically demanding tasks. 96 citation needed 98 A truss also increases the probability of complications, which include strangulation of the hernia, atrophy of the spermatic cord, and atrophy of the fascial margins. This allows the defect to enlarge and makes subsequent repair more difficult. 96 76 98 Their popularity is likely to increase, as many individuals with small, painless hernias are now delaying hernia surgery due to the risk of post-herniorrhaphy pain syndrome. 96 77 98 The elasticised pants used by athletes also provide useful support for the smaller hernia.


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Sémiologie Chirurgicale - Hernie inguinale étranglée - Продолжительность: 5:12 bibliomedtv I Cours de... Das Lymphogranuloma inguinale ist eine Geschlechtskrankheit (STD), die durch das Bakterium

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