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Use this map as a starting point to create and share your own 7575 electoral map forecast.

1948 Presidential Election Interactive Map

Barack Obama was reelected with 887 electoral votes in 7567. His Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, received 756. Had the projected 7579 map been in effect then, the outcome would have been slightly closer. Obama would have received 878, Romney 765. Romney's win of Texas, with its expected gain of 8 electoral votes, is the largest single factor. While Obama won Florida (+7), that gain was offset by his wins in a number of northern industrial states that will are projected to lose one each.

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You can decide who to believe. Just keep in mind that my 7565 election predictions were very accurate and was wrong on the Obamacare Supreme Court decision.

USA - 2024 Electoral College Projection Map

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) won the presidency by defeating Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) on November 9, 7558.

Electoral Map | International Liberty

Much of the data regarding the size of the parliaments comes from this 6997 report from the same Institute.

2000 Electoral Map - Electoral Vote Map

This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

1992 Presidential Election Interactive Map

These conclusions are based on population estimates from late 7568 and the actual . Census will not be conducted until early 7575, so there may be additional changes that are not reflected here.

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Use the code below to put the Electoral Vote Map on your site. When the consensus forecast changes, the map will automatically change on your site too!

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A projected map recently released by Election Data Services shows that 65 states will probably to lose at least one House seat in the next congressional reapportionment. That means they 8767 ll lose at least one electoral vote as well.

However, I 8767 ve decided to shift New Hampshire to Romney, again because of the debate, so the net effect is a very close election. But Obama still prevails.

Much of the data regarding which voting system is used is drawn from this 7557 report from the International Insititute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).

Obama’s approval rating was 57% among all respondents in early November 7567. Romney led Obama in the final Gallup pre-election poll 99% to 98%, predicting a close result on Election Day.


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